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One morning (about seven years ago), I was rushing to my car, to run a much-needed errand, and discovered a flat tire.  It hit me like hitting a brick wall!  I already had five problems I couldn’t solve and when I saw that flat, I know I went “over the edge”, but was just too numb to feel it.  I sat down on the porch steps, knowing crying and screaming would be a waste of energy — but, probably, did pray.  


I had never changed a tire before, and the car on soft ground (a lot of sand).  I feared only adding to my problems if I tried to fix it.  I didn’t know neighbors, except for a couple who had left for a vacation that very morning; others seemed very unfriendly or I wouldn’t approach for varying reasons.  


With only $7 in my pocket, I called four service stations.  (I knew $7 wasn’t going to get the tire fixed, but I needed to hear them say it.)  Each was going to charge $75 just to come to the house.  The closest — only 4 1/2 miles away — was going to charge $85 — that didn’t include changing the flat or any repairs.   


I’ve learned not to panic in situations ~~ often, much easier said than done.  And though this seemed so hopeless, I tried to focus on God answering my pray.  I stayed pretty calm through the day ~~ or numb ~~ then little miracles began to happen.


The $7 was, probably, for cat food [I struggled, every day, to feed them].  That night, I discovered a 7-pound bag of cat food, and another partial bag, in a cupboard that I, probably, put there when I moved in 6 months before.  The next day, or the day after that, I remembered (I think prompted by God) that, when I bought the car (four or five years prior), I also bought a tire inflator.  I had, totally, forgotten about it!  (Well, actually, I thought I bought a battery charger/jumper, in thinking back.  But, “prompted by God”, I went out to take a look.  Miracle!  Inflator!  I bought that inflator, knowing it was unlikely I would need it, any time soon, having a new car, but I wanted it to have if I saw motorists stranded along highways with flat tires… thinking it could be of some help.  That’s where my heart was — just to let you know!)   The tire held air and I got it repaired for $6.50 plus tax.  


When I moved here and things needed repaired, I made a few calls to repairmen, only to confirm it would cost $75 to come to the house.  Then, I studied, on the Internet, how to repair those things and repaired them myself.  NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!  (LOL!!)   I’ve repaired the clothes washer, replaced the kitchen faucet, repaired leaking pipes and valves, CHANGED A FLAT TIRE (LOL), replaced the well pump pressure switch, gauge, and pressure tank, and more.  I truly, truly appreciate the people on the Internet who are willing to share their knowledge — THANK YOU.


I am a more knowledgeable person for having experienced what I have.  The most painful knowledge, however, is that people can’t do much without being paid the almighty dollar, they lack such compassion.  Yes, I understand they have bills to pay, but when it going to stop?  Who should let another human being drive around on bad tires or be with water or electric in their homes?  Well, that’s not an issue I want to address here (right now).  I just can’t understand why we can’t help each other — and take the rest of the time off — and stop the rat race.  Emphasis on RAT!


Anyone know how to replace a windshield wiper motor?




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