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The Recycle Bank is great motivation for recycling ~~ it is partnered with a lot of great companies (like, Coca-Cola, Aveeno, Kashi, Proctor & Gamble, and more) to offer you rewards for doing something we should be doing anyway!  It’s easy to earn Points ~~ that can be traded for great Rewards (gift cards, apparel, electronics, and so much more) ~~ and there is a lot of good information about recycling (including “how to”) at home, work, school, and elsewhere.

Check it out!  If you will use the link below, and sign up, I will get 10 points.  I always trade my Points for grocery coupons and it will help me so much.  Thank you. 


  ~~  REDUCE ~~  REUSE  ~~  RECYCLE  ~~ 
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