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In all the years of my life, and its many “flu seasons”, I have listened to and read advice on how to avoid the flu.  I can’t think of a time I have heard or read “wipe off your groceries when you get them home, before putting them away”.  I’ve seen kids lick fruit and put in back in produce bins; people sneeze and cough everywhere, including grocery stores; people handle carts and baskets that have been handled by countless others & not cleaned; store products have been handled by people who read labels & put them back, stock and straighten shelves, who have just petted an animal.  Products, too, set on shelves and in refrigerator cases where germs have settled.  

You get the idea, I hope.  

Consumers buy groceries and other goods and put them away or use them, when they get home, without wiping that unhealthy build-up of germs off them.  Sure, it’s time-consuming — but that’s one of the consequences of mass marketing!   More time-consuming is being laid up with a miserable flu or cold.

Be well.


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