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When I was a child, I was very “spiritual” — that is to say I believe I had spiritual “gifts” — one being I could “see” the future.  I knew personal computers were in the future and I had been trying to think of cool usernames that were “me” and “cool” too!  😉    

Around that time, my grandmother was visiting for a few days.  I don’t know why, but my parents and she were having a discussion about her name ~~ Clara.   I think, maybe, my mother was pregnant and they were trying to pick out a name, if it was a girl.  The consensus was they didn’t like the name enough.  I felt bad for my grandmother, who I dearly loved ~~ even her name ~~ and decided I would use “Clara” in a username (out of respect).  I also wanted the username to reflect my “gifts” and respect for God, so put together “CosmosClara”. 

I had forgotten about the name until my friends and I, in the 1970s, were in a discussion about the future.  I used the name, as a hypothetical in that conversation (not referring to myself). 

While trying to decide on a username, when signing up for websites, in recent years, I thought of “CosmosClara” ~~ only because I had used it in that conversation with my friends.  I hoped my friends would see it, check it out, and, eventually, figure out it was me. 

So, that’s it ~~ why I chose the name.  


[To my friends of those 70s’ days:  I still love you so much and miss you.   ❤   ]



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