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Inspiration for post: (where an Oregon faith-healing couple is found guilty of manslaughter in the death of their infant child). 

These cases  always upset me!  I’m on the side of the Oregon couple.  In this world, we all make the best decisions we are capable of, especially when it comes to deciding for our children.  These people (this couple) have beliefs that are based on the Bible and, because they don’t coinside with other people’s beliefs, they should not be denied them.  The Constitution of the United States gives each individual his and her Right to freedom of Religion, his and her Beliefs.  How can we take them away from this couple?  It leaves the door wide open for our Rights (the rest of us under the constitution) to be taken away ~ when someone else disagrees.


I doubt, seriously, that Jesus will come back (if He comes back) and support modern medicine.  He was a laying-on-of-hands healer and (probably) a Naturalist.  This Oregon couple believes in His ways, so they should have the Right to practice them.


Though I disagree with much of “Christian Science” ways, I do not support, or believe in, “modern medicine”.  (I have given it chances to prove itself, time and time again, and it has failed me.)  I do believe in “alternative medicine” (AKA holistic medicine) when properly used.  My argument there is that it is not properly used and, certainly, is not a part of Christian Science practices.  


I think “modern medicine” usage really exploded in the 1950s [probably earlier, but I was born in 1951, so I can only tell you what I know and believe].  Before it became so widely used, we did not have all these diseases we have today.  In the mid-1960s, even, “cancer” was almost unheard of, and then only a whisper amongst friends when another was diagnosed of it.  Now, it is more than common.  We are what we eat, what we take in.  (How can “normal” (“natural”) cells form in the body when abnormal, unnatural-to-the-body foods are taken in and unnatural medicines (artificial chemicals) are applied to it?)  My personal opinion of “modern medicine” is that it is a “miracle”, alright, but only that we survive it (if we survive it)!


We all make the best decisions we can in life, given the information we have.  The Bible, repeatedly, says “Man’s knowledge is foolish”.  That applies to “modern medicine”, as well.  I have, as these people in Oregon have, the Right to believe what I feel is logic, or nothing short of my best guess at the Truth.  And, because God Almighty isn’t here to tell us what’s right or wrong, or what the best decision is, we are given, under the Constitution, the Right to decide for ourselves and practice those beliefs.  And, we are given the Right to make decisions for our children, whom God has entrusted to us.  [Don’t believe in God?  Well, then, we all make the best decisions we can, given the possibilities available in the Universe.  And, because you believe in one thing, doesn’t “make it” the Truth, or right.] 


When it comes to personal decisions, such as the one that this Oregon couple had to make, it is not a decision for “majority rule”.  “Majority rule” doesn’t make it right.  Jesus Christ stood alone for so many reasons, so may “rights” ~~ and a judge sits under a sign that states “In God We Trust” ~~ and denies a couple their individual Rights?  Unconstitutional!  Immoral, actually.


So, in sum, though I disagree with EVERY church, in their non-practice of Natural Medicines, I strongly uphold the Right of this Oregon couple to make the decision they did.


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