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Remember the post I wrote about my cheap vacuum cleaner?  Well, about two weeks before writing that post, the belt broke.  I replaced it with a “wrong” belt that I had on-hand ~~ one that went to an older machine.  I was getting ready to go buy a new vac, when I decided to check the belt — even though the chance seemed very remote that I had anything but belts that would fit the vac.  


Well, low & behold, it said “Hoover”, not “Bissell”!  Uh-oh!  I found another belt, changed it, and vac works fine.  Well, almost fine — it sounds a little stressed from having run with the wrong belt for two weeks.  I was happy to not have to spend the money for a new vac just then. 


I friend had told me, just days before I discovered my error, that she climbed under her desk to unplug it and get it ready for the repair guy to pick up & fix it.  It hadn’t worked for two weeks after a storm.  They assumed it “fried up”.   well, she discovered it was only unplugged!  Apparently, the dog had crawled under there, during the storm, and unplugged it.  They didn’t think the dog could get under there.  So, several months without a computer and they never thought to check the plug.  THAT is what prompted me to check something that I thought was virtually impossible to be! 


LOL!  We all do dumb things!  (Right?)


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