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I woke up this morning and, within minutes, was thinking about thousands of dollars I paid to people I did not owe it to.  My blood pressure (too, within minutes) and, after I tossed a turned a couple times, I got up — why try to sleep when I’m so angry?

Here’s the bottom line(s) for you, people, who have old debts and are being badgered by collectors.  Chances are you do not owe them the money.  Here’s how it works:  Your original creditor wrote your debt off its books, six months after you stopped paying on the account.  That company sold all its bad debts to “Junk Debt Collectors” (JDC… or ‘The Damned”, as I refer to them as) for pennies per account.  The JDC, then, start badgering you, the debtor, for money you do not owe them and, collectively (no pun intended) make billions in profits.

There are a lot of good sites that explain what to do when you are being harassed by collectors.  The sites, usually, have form letters you can print out [follow the instructions] and send to the collectors, demanding that they prove you owe them the debt.  And, by law, they can not contact you until they do prove it.  (These Help sites also tell you what is valid proof you owe the debt to the ones badgering you, BUT chances are, they can not prove you owe the debt to them.  And, you don’t on any level!)

I don’t know why there is not a law against people, companies buying bad debts, except to assume congressman, judges, lawyers, and others (who could put a stop to it) own stock in the Junk Debt Collection companies and would miss the dividends.  How judges can ask a defendant/responder if he/she/owes the debt and except the simple “yes” as the answer — and make a judgment against the defendant/responder, as a result, is beyond me.  The whole “business” (Junk Debt Collection, feeding on the poor) is immoral!  

I can’t write any more about this, now.  I am beyond crushed that debtors do not know their rights and more attention isn’t given to the advertising of such scams.

I’ll post more on this later ~~ sometime, after my blood pressure’s down.

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