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I had a “life after death” experience in the mid-1970s.  I got addicted to prescribed and over-the-counter medications and they, finally, did me in.  I was eating those like candy and not eating food.  I was wasted away to almost nothing and collapsed. 

Before you frown on me for being a drug addict, let me tell you I am a very sensitive person.  I like to think of myself as an artist.  It was during the “Economic Crunch of the ’70s” and I knew there were solutions to all the problems we, as a nation, and world, had and, as I waited for congress or the president to announce them ~~ answers which never came ~~ I tried to quell my nerves with prescription medications a doctor had prescribed years before (that I had never filled until the economy went so bad).  When I was too embarrassed to ask for more refills, I started buying OTC drugs.  It was, actually, those that put an end to my life.  

So, you are all, probably, wondering “Did you see God?”  Yes, He’s there.  I had the courage to look Him in the eyes and say “I’m sorry” for having died.  And then, looking away, I waited for Judgment or whatever was going to happen next.  He sensed the fear, no doubt, and said “You’re not in any trouble”.  He gave me wings!  The most beautiful, brilliant, white and the softest things you can imagine.  I wanted to admire them (I was so surprised by them), but He said, “Let me show you some things” and I had to pay attention.  What I recall of those things, they were of the future.  And that’s all I’ll tell you of those.  (Those are private, at least for now.)  And, then, He said “You have to go back.”  WHAT???  I was so surprised and upset by that statement!  I didn’t want to come back and argued to no avail.  I was lead back by “spirits” (I guess you could cal them) and put back in my body… where I (then) slept.

Since this blog isn’t about what happened during the time I was out-of-body ~~ or seemed to be ~~ I will withhold that information and, perhaps, tell you about it later.  But, this blog is about “after death” (where the spirit goes after it leaves the body). 

The easiest way to say this and the easiest way to accept it, perhaps, is to say “we all have past lives”.  The harder truth to accept is to say “we are reborn” (or “born again” or “pass over” — however you want to say it) to another human body.  See?  I don’t you  you would hate this blog! 

Rebirth has positive and negative effects.  Since I am ill and can not spend a lot of time romancing the pill you have to swallow, I will cut to the chase.  Forgive me for being blunt. 

I don’t understand why people HATE this action.  We love children when they are born and we struggle, to immense degrees, to stay here throughout our lives.  If you can accept the fact that we come back, death isn’t such an awful thing.  And, I keep thinking if we would just stop killing, we would stop passing over. 

The down side to the action is that we come back in to an ugly, miserable world.  We need to change all that!  We have a death penalty that sets criminals free.  We have to change that, too.  [“Thou shalt not kill” — yes, there are reasons for it.  “O death where is thy sting” — yes, there is none.  you are accomplishing no good by administering the death penalty… except, maybe, setting killers free to be more callous in their next lives because “something” tells them “death is nothing to be afraid of”.]

The up side, if you can accept the action, is that people, your loved ones, are not lost to the unknown.  Most people fear death, because they don’t know what it is.  But, if you can accept that we come back, and if we “clean up” this world, then we pray for our loved ones, that they have good lives, in their next ones, and the pain of losing them isn’t so great.

Being born again answers a lot of questions.  Why homosexuality?  A person who dies, suddenly, may be confused about what lifetime (what sex) he/she is in.  Spiritually (mentally), part of him/her is on the past life.  We all carry with us “data’ from our past lives.  Why geniuses?  Again, we carry information from our past lives.  Autism?  Little “portals” to the past that the sufferer will not let go of.  He/she is comfortable in that “place” and still lives there to some degree. 

There is, surely, more questions and I will answer them, I hope, in later blogs.

If you are wondering what the Bible stand on the issue is, consider this:  The Books of the Bible (and other “religious” works) were, probably, all written by the same person is different lifetimes.  Knowing He/She would “come back” and having faith He/She would find the works (to interpret, understand what was written), He/She “planted” them for that purpose.

“An eye for an eye” (principle), Biblically, is not judgment or justification for punishment for crimes.  The writer (of the passage) is saying if a person has inner knowledge of sight in one life, he carries that with him to the next.  Then, because the writer can not bare to even think worse (such as an arm or leg), He says “a tooth for a tooth” — same principle, people carry with them the knowledge of “use”.  [In context, the spirit of the passage causes me to say the writer was distraught in knowing what “medical science” would do.]       Photobucket

I think I said before that just because you don’t want to believe something, doesn’t make it not so.  I know you’d all rather think that there is a big cloud, called “Heaven” and Jesus is waiting there to welcome you with open arms and there is no pain.  That’s just not the way it is though.  I’m sorry to break it to you. 




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