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When I was very young ~~ maybe five ~~ I tried, very hard, to decide on a life’s goal.  I wanted it to be respectful, of importance, serving mankind.  I think I had decided on being a reporter ~~ one that exposed both the good and evil in the world, and, hopefully, bring about some change for the better.  The goal still seemed vague though ~~ there are hundreds of thousands of reporters in the world (all, perhaps, with the same agenda).  I needed a special niche, a distinguishable goal.  (Mind you, I didn’t need to be world-famous for my contribution, if there was to be one.  I wanted to better the lives and be respected by the people closest around me ~~ my family, friends, the community.  I, of course, hoped that my life could contribute to far greater effects and better the world to a far-reaching degree.  I suppose that, too, might be every reporter’s big dream.  Hmmm.)
A year and a half passed and I was, somehow, reminded that I had not clarified my goal.  I fretted for two weeks, feeling my life was passing me by, that I needed to set myself on a path towards that ultimate niche! 
Then, at the dinner table, my father mentioned that something needed fixed and the prices he had been quoted were just way too high.  He mentioned, then, that someone had offered to do the job for free ~~ and that he said “no, thanks”.  I was delighted that someone wanted to do it for free and shocked when he said, “no, thanks”.  So, I asked him why he wouldn’t let the guy do it.  He said, “No one ever does anything for free.”
“Huh?”, I thought.  “But he said he would do it for free.  Free!” (I said out loud).
He leaned over and said, “Honey, no one ever does something for nothing!” 
And, though he may have explained that a little, I suddenly had my goal!  I would do something for nothing!  Everything, if I could!  Just give and give and, hopefully, be a good example for others.
I can’t really tell you, here, right now, all that I did, but I can tell you that I did big things ~~ I think ~~ for nothing.  And, looking over my Social Security Statement, I can, honestly, say, I did every thing else for damned little!  (I say “I think” (above) because it all seems like a dream.)
All my life, too, I have encouraged others to do things I felt they were good at ~~ whether it was be funny, or musical, or act, be a mechanic, develop a product, and so forth.  Because I firmly believe that if you want the world to be a better place, you have to encourage others to make it so ~~ without all the back-biting jealousies and degrading that seem so prevalent in the world today.
As for me, personally, right now, this blog is my report of what I have discovered in my sixty years of life.  I want to hold nothing back, but I have been very badly beaten (on so many levels) along the way that it is hard to have a voice.  I fully understand why people, when they see a need for change ~~ and even have probable solutions ~~ can not speak up or be heard.  Believe me, I fully know.
I hope this is the beginning of a better world…. to a great degree.  Ironically, I hope I didn’t do all that (suffering) for nothing!
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