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There are more considerations to this “semi-Buddhist-Hindu” stand on life-after-death.  [BTW, you don’t come back as insects and animals.  That, in my opinion, is a total misconception….  I’m 99.98% sure.  I do remember being born, however, and I came from another human life.  Moving on….  😉 ]

Seeing as we pass over to another human life, wealth does not mean much, in the big picture.  Oh, sure, fun to enjoy good things while you are here (in this life), but the poor class is ever widening and that you will be born right back in to it is pretty great!  I’m guessing a person, born in to the poor, from a rich position, could find himself very miserable.  Why create such class divides?  It is important for every human being to have the things they need.  It’s also important for each human to have what they want, too.  Absent the economic system present today, just being “good” should get you the things you want, to some measurable degree of satisfaction.

Another major aspect of being born again, is that it knows no boundaries of religion, race, creed, color, nations, sex, wealth, etc.  A Muslim that dies might pass over in to a family he (as a Muslim) considered an enemy; a white supremacist might die and be born black.  You don’t have a choice.  So, be accepting of others.

I preach nothing short of tolerance and, and for a perfect world, to love one another.



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