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This is my theory on prayer (in a nutshell).
We all have energies that surround us and go through us.  It, perhaps, connects us all.  We can, also, control much of that energy.  When you touch the antennea of a radio, the reception (Thus, sound) is louder, clearer.  Most of us have experienced static electricity.  Often, when you walk in to a crowed room, you can feel the energies, be it happy, sad, serious, etc.  The are articles written in paranormal works that suggest the possibility that some people have the ability to bend forks and make clouds disappear with this energy.  This energy ~~ and the control of it ~~ perhaps, boils down to “thought”. 

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What do we do with the energies we control?  Well, most people are too busy to do much but worry about themselves and the few peopl immediately involved with their lives.  They rush to and from their jobs, look up at the sky, once in awhile.  What thoughts are they putting out there?  

The world is a mess.  What do we contribute by not taking the time to fold our hands and have a serious talk with, perhaps, controlling forces?  If some people can move clouds with a minutes or two of thought, what do we (people, in general) do when we merely look up with the worries, cheer, hatred, love, and so forth, on our minds?  Does it have impact?
I, personally, don’t believe that praying through ministers offers muchfor groups, as a whole.  I think everyone needs to direct his own energies.  The Lord said “no one comes to the Father, but by me” [quote may not be precise].  So, my guess is people need to pray directly to the Lord, not through a minister, not to God.  By praying to the Lord, perhaps, we are allowing Him to consolidate our energies and direct it to the Father.  Too, prayers of ministers, on behalf of other people, often, are ritual (repetitive, week after week, words that lack the individual  energies/thoughts of the people.
So, take control of the power you have in the world.  I don’t think, individually, you have enough power to do a lot of damage (and, perhaps, all the unharnessed power is doing a lot of damage), but, collectively (through the Lord), it may do a lot of good.  It might tap in to the Powers of the Universe and give us answers we need.
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