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The Economy, as we know it, should be just a computer game.  It should not effect people’s real lives.  The game could have all the intrigue and ups and downs of the real economy, but when a player quits for the day, he can do so knowing he and his family are safe and have all they need; outside the game, he can enjoy the real world.  Why can’t we just help each other, in the real world — do things when they need to be done and spend the rest of our time enjoying the world and life?


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When I was a kid, if a cat (that wasn’t ours) was found in our garage and we couldn’t get it out, we went door-to-door, looking for the owner.  We didn’t call Animal Control, as our only resort.  If a home owner needed the lawn mowed and couldn’t do it, for any reason, a neighbor would do it — without expecting anything in return, except maybe getting help (from any neighbor) if he needed it, someday.  

I am not going to start a rant [here, now ;)], but what happened to “Good Neighbors”?  Why do people call the Board of Commissioners (to complain) if a neighbor’s hedge is too high or Animal Control if a cat’s in the garage (rather than ask neighbors if they own the cat)?  What happened to Good Neighbors?
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