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A couple nights ago, I was prompted (somehow) to read bullying laws and (about) how to recognize whether a child is a bully or being bullied.  Somewhat dull reading, but I’m always flabbergasted that some basic causes of “bullyism” are not addressed.  Why aren’t children taught the Golden Rule?  Why do children think they are immune from bad things happening to them in the future?   

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If you’ve read some of my other blogs, you’ll know I’m no supporter of the current school system or of people working long hours and not enjoying life.  That having been said, if families were together more and able to socialize as families more, children would learn how to act in public and with age groups other than those they go all through school with (confined to classes of their own age groups, generally).  They would learn by example ~~ seeing adults and other well-behaved children treat all age groups with respect ~~ and they would get verbal guidance, as needed [“Johnny, don’t say that; it’s not nice…”].   




The bullying Karen Klein endured was awful, but, after the punishment for the middle schoolers was announced, I, actually, felt sorry for the students.  They are four (?) of millions and millions of children and adults who bully, who make life difficult for others by harassing and badgering.  Half of America should be suspended ~~ from something ~~ and do community service ~~ of doing nice things for other people ~~ because rudeness is everywhere!  I have witnessed such extreme rudeness by adults, it’s not a wonder children lack moral guidance.


I don’t know why children and young adults ~~ actually, people who bully of any age ~~ think their lives are always going to be so perfect, their plans for their futures so cast in cement.  They seem to think they will always be handsome/beautiful, skinny and young, they will get and always have well-paying jobs, won’t ever be forced to live in mobile homes, won’t ever be victims of accidents or crimes that might disfigure them… and, well, all those things we all wish were true.  All people should live by the Golden Rule.  It would better the world in so many ways. 


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